Selected Conceptual illos by Adam Quest

On a scale from a lot to very much... much would you hate taking part of a scientific experiment (supposedly for testing "a new wireless blood pressure cuff") and having your iPhone taken away from you? iPhone users were asked to sit in a computer cubicle in a media psychology lab. After which, the person in charge of the experiment would explain that the iPhone is causing "bluetooth interference" with the wireless blood pressure cuff - and had to take the phone away:

"Participants completed the first word search puzzle with their iPhone in their possession and the second word search word puzzle without their iPhone in their possession or vice versa while the researchers monitored their heart rates and blood pressure levels."

But wait, there's more!

"The researchers then provided the participants a second word search puzzle. While working on the puzzle, the researchers called the participants’ iPhones."

Participants had to complete the puzzle while hearing their iPhone ringing somewhere far, far away from them. After the phone finished ringing, the researchers collected the blood pressure and heart rate of the participants. Torture.


Compared to a "with iPhone" situation, the "iPhone separation" situation is characterised by:

  • increase in anxiety
  • increase in blood pressure levels
  • increase in heart rate
  • significant decrease in puzzle performance

It is fair to say that smartphones became part of our identity, of how we define and see ourselves. Being separated from them is like loosing a bit of ourselves (yes). How about you? Do you share this "negative psychological state" when your phone is taken away from you? 


Artwork credits: "Selected Conceptual illos" by Adam Quest

Selected Conceptual illos by Adam Quest





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