Super GIF by INSA

"Don't be afraid to experiment. Don't be afraid to push an idea. Don't be afraid to explore it."

Ballantine's Presents INSA's Space GIF-ITI


INSA is an artist blending the arts of Graffiti and GIFs. He calls himself a ‘GIF-ITI’ artist.

"I wanted to create my own world. The determination to do that, kinda dictated all my other life choices."

In 576 hours, him, his team and the satellite created the world's biggest GIF-ITI. It is visible and was photographed from space. 4 days of hard work, 4 pictures and 57,515 m2 of painted floor later, we've got this super 1 second GIF:

Super GIF by INSA






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Why this is awesome: 
GIFs are great. Graffitis are great. Put the two together and you get something awesome.