Stolen Artwork

I thought the future of virtual reality belonged to gaming, medtech or military technology. NYU Tisch School of the Arts student, Schneider opened a new opportunity for...Art History.

Based on the Art Loss Register (note: counting more than 30,000 artworks) the market for stolen art is in the area of $6 billion a year. A loss of culture whose biggest losers are citizens themselves - or anyone believing in the cultural power of art in our societies. 

Schneider reduced the pain by creating the first virtual reality museum for stolen art. She says:

“I wanted to get the viewer to see the pieces in context, the same way they might in real life”

And we say thank you.

Her upcoming exhibits will focus on the artworks lost in 2003 during the US invasion of Iraq. At that time, nearly 14,000 objects were plundered from the Iraq Museum. It is one of the largest thefts of art in history. A lesson to remember that war casualties include vulnerable cultural works.


Picture credit (check out the full comic, it's amusingly cute): Heist (comic) by Olivia Huynh

Stolen Artwork




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Virtual reality use cases go beyond Gaming.