Creativity Tips

"Creativity is not a talent. It is not a talent, it is a way of operating."

As John Cleese reminds us, everyone has creative potential. Here are some of our top lessons on how to it - in less than 140 characters:

Creativity Tips


"11 Simple Ways To Push Your Creative Boundaries" by Erin Schulte

In less than 140 characters: You'll be creative if you take the time to (1) fail (2) reflect (3) and enjoy the show 

Key points: The 11 tips here focus on removing your focus from the final product you are working on. The idea is that it will turn out successful if you enjoy making it. Tips include enjoying your coffee, turn meetings into conversations with some beers, and letting ideas flow.  

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Creativity Tips

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"Ugmonk: The Beauty in Keeping Things Small" by Jeff Sheldon

In less than 140 characters: Find something that works - and work non-stop until you transform it into something AWESOME.  

Key points: No need to reinvent the wheel to define your work as "creative" - all you need is 100% focus + 100% confidence in your style. Don't let frivolous trends or administrative concerns limit your inspiration. 

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Creativity Tips

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"6 Tips for Designing Happiness" by Randall Stone and Dan Clay

In less than 140 characters: Stop thinking about yourself for a minute. Creativity is about bringing a smile on people's faces.  

Key points: Whilst many attempt to optimise products or quantify their success on the market, perhaps one should focus on how people enjoy using them. Creativity is not about creating something functional - it is the very basis of creating something to enhance products and change people's lives. The tips focus on emotions your work should trigger to be creative: surprise, tease, tempt...

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Creativity Tips

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"The Best Ideas Are Brewed out of Authenticity" by Tristan Walker

In less than 140 characters: Don't forget what brought you here. Don't forget to aim high.  

Key points: The entrepreneur points out key values when it comes to his creative work: Courage, Inspiration, Judgment, Respects, Wellness and Loyalty. Many creatives try to produce something for a person that only exists in their imagination. Why not lower down expectations for a moment, and stay true to yourself. Why not work on something for yourself and people around you?

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Creativity Tips

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Some of those tips may seem contradictory - but that's just because everyone has a different way to expressing his or her creativity. Those tips are a nice way to see how others are producing creative work, and perhaps inspire you to do things differently. Tell us what is your creative process? When or where do you feel most creative? Tweet us  and we'd love to share thoughts!




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Quoting Einstein "Creativity is Intelligence having Fun" - so, go for it!