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In February 2015, Google and Twitter have announced a collaboration that essentially brings more Tweets into the Google Search output. Twitter has made its Tweet stream accessible to Google (the so called Firehose). Google will now display these Tweets on its search engine results page, brining in a greater social element into search.

There has been lot of discussion on this topic, and issues such as paid Tweets vs. paid Google Adwords, who is the actual referrer given the use of URL shortening services (we use Materially speaking, we can say that this collaboration has been great news for us, we’d say great news for the start-up scene as a whole.

Building up page ranking for your start-up is always a labour-some task, and the competition with established businesses is fierce. We have a great Twitter account and some great level of traction there, approaching 10,000 followers. In the months to follow we have seen a surge in Google Impressions and Clicks, particularly on content that we Tweet about. On a month-by-month basis, our Google Search impressions have risen by over 300%, clicks by 270%.

"On a month-by-month basis, our Google Search impressions have risen by over 300%, clicks by 270%."

In the end, there are many factors playing into the growth of your page ranking and search impressions and clicks. But looking at the correlation we see between the content we share on Twitter and the search impressions and clicks this content creates, we can clearly say that the collaboration between Twitter and Google is paying off - particularly for start-ups with a great social media presence and a page ranking in the making!

Twitter and Google for INCEND

Twitter and Google for INCEND

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