INCEND new subtypes

Today we shipped an exciting update to INCEND. Content on INCEND now also encompasses in-depth book reviews, book chapters, trade articles, academic books, documentaries, presentations, discussions and press-releases.


To give you a taste of what is coming, here are some selected items we particularly like:

Trade Articles on INCEND



Discussion on INCEND



Documentaries on INCEND


Of course there’s much more to discover on INCEND. Look out for the beta launch of of Knowledge Feed later this month. In the meantime, you can explore topic pages (for example Creativity) and thought leaders (such as the Neuroscientist Ian Robertson) on INCEND.


INCEND would not have been possible without all the great feedback we received from our many beta users. If you would like to contribute, just go to, register an account and press the blue Feedback button on the right border of the window.




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